Director Shining Star Immigration INC.

Gopal Vashisht

Mr. Gopal Vashisht is a member in good standing with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and is also the director of Shining Star Immigration Inc.

Shining Star Immigration Inc. is a top of the line immigration visa consultancy firm, that is headed by Mr.Vashisht who is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), and MBA & Commissioner of Affidavits, based in Barrie, Ontario. Services for Permanent Visas, Temporary resident visas in the categories of Skilled, Family, Business, Self-employed, Investor and also Student visas for various destinations across Canada, are all catered to with great skill and focus by Mr.Vashisht and his team.

Mr.Vashisht’s vast experience in the corporate industry and his in-depth knowledge in his field continues to earn him widespread respect, especially for his customized approach to all kinds of immigration permit subjects, including certain immigration services which could be complex and difficult in nature.

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Shining Star Immigration Inc. was started with a very firm objective and that was toput to use all the expertise in visa consultancy to guide in a smooth manner, the immigration and visa aspirants who would normally find the procedure of visa submissions, difficult and tedious.

Our Mission is to dedicatedly work in a manner to provide a hassle free and an enjoyable experience to all those wanting Canadian Immigration Services. We also have vowed to guarantee you astress-free experience right from prior-evaluation, to ascertaining how you can gain the maximum points,to getting the visas and also the documentation and/or pocketing the permit stamps.